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Audi/Volkswagen 37mm (14mm Diameter) Lug Bolts (Qty: 10)

Product Description


Audi and Volkswagen vehicles with up to 10mm spacer

Quantity of 10 lug bolts.

Length: 37mm
Diameter: 14mm
Thread Pitch: 1.5mm

Rokkor lug bolts are the safe way to secure your rims to the vehicle when wheel spacers are being used. There are many advantages to adding wheel spacers to your vehicle yet when doing so you effectively move your wheel further out from the vehicle’s hub. The OEM lug bolts are then simply not long enough to safely secure your wheel to the rim. The Rokkor lug bolts are offered in various lengths (for various spacer sizes) to ensure that the vehicle’s rims remain safely mounted to the vehicle’s hub at all times. Each lug bolt retains the OEM ball seat to ensure perfect fitment to your OEM Audi or Volkswagen rims.

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Audi/Volkswagen 37mm (14mm Diameter) Lug Bolts (Qty: 10)