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The Rokkor Mission


Most the products you buy for your vehicle are sold from the manufacture to the retailer and from the retailer to you, the consumer. At Rokkor we removed the retailer from this model to allow you the consumer to purchase Rokkor coilover kits at retailer pricing. In other words, you are buying coilover kits at wholesale pricing.


Make no mistake about it; Rokkor coilver kits are of the highest quality. We are aware of comments made that you get what you pay for or I would never put my vehicle on $300 coilovers. We understand the low sticker price can be a shocker but we also understand that these comments come from people who have no idea what Rokkor is about or how Rokkor products perform. You are welcome to spend more money on other coilover kits and there are a lot of awesome kits out there. The absolute, undeniable, fact of the matter is, Rokkor coilover kits are the highest quality kits for your dollar and are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and 3-year warranty.


We hate spending money on a product and waiting weeks or months to receive it as much as you do. That’s why at Rokkor, over 99% of our orders ship by the next business day. We do our best to make sure all Rokkor products are in stock and ready to ship. We are also available Monday through Friday from 9:00-5:00 to answer any of your questions. No automated systems, just call us at 877-249-1899 and you’ll get a live voice and a qualified enthusiast.


We are passionate about cars, we are passionate about quality, and we are passionate about price. There is a reason why less than 2% of our orders are returned due to warranty or unsatisfied customers. We have a 98% satisfaction rating and continue to receive nothing but positive feedback on our coilover kits.