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BMW 4x100 10mm Wheel Spacers

Product Description


BMW models with 4x100 lug pattern (57.1 center bore)

Wheel spacers are sold in pairs.

The Rokkor BMW 4x100 Wheel Spacers are an easy way to achieve proper wheel fitment and clearance that becomes commonplace with coilovers and aftermarket wheels. The addition of wheel spacers will widen the vehicle’s track to allow BMW owners to get the perfect wheel fitment as well as increasing the handling aspects of the suspension. Wheel spacers allow for more brake and suspension clearance when adding larger, better performing aftermarket pieces.

The Rokkor BMW 4x100 Wheel Spacers are black anodized and machined from high-quality hardened aluminum to ensure durability and long life. Each spacer is hub centric to ensure proper wheel alignment and balance.

As with all Rokkor products, these spacers come with a satisfaction guarantee and an exclusive limited lifetime warranty.

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BMW 4x100 10mm Wheel Spacers

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Easiest way, and often necessary, to provide proper clearance when installing coilovers or aggressive wheels while also improving wheel fitment aesthetics.

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